Atomic Dog Drag Racing   

Your sponsorship will be an economical and cost efficient method of advertising.  
Sponsoring a race car is like a moving billboard.  The exposure your company will
receive can generate advertising for thousands of dollars less than traditional

With your support, Atomic Dog Drag Racing plans to attend as many racing events
as possible during the upcoming 2013 season.  Our intent is to promote your
company or product in as many events as feasibly possible.  Listed below are some
of the tracks where our team plans to race in 2013.  Additional tracks and
promotional events may be added as the season progresses.

We anticipate attending and participating in two (2) racing events at each of the
following tracks.       

•        Dallas Raceway                                      Crandall, Texas
•        San Antonio Raceway                           Marion, Texas
•        Royal Purple Raceway                           Baytown, Texas
•        Houston Motorsports Park                   Houston, Texas
•        Texas Raceway                                        Kennedale, Texas
•        Texas Motorplex                                      Ennis, Texas
•        North Star Raceway                               Denton, Texas
•        Redline Raceway                                    Caddo Mills, Texas

We hope to attend and participate in one racing event during the season at the
following tracks.

•        Bradenton Motorsports Park                Bradenton, Florida
•        Piedmont Dragway                                  Julian, North Carolina
•        Macon National Dragway                       Macon, Georgia
•        Hub City Dragway                                    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Atomic Dog Drag Racing has three race events scheduled for 2013. On April 6th, our
first event of the year will be at Houston Motorsports Park. Two additional events are
scheduled for August 10th and December 7th, both at Dallas Raceway. Sponsorship
opportunities are also available at each of those events. Contact us if you are
interested in becoming an event sponsor.

Atomic Dog Drag Racing is also in search of someone who has an interest and
working knowledge of the sport of drag racing for a working business partnership.  
We are SERIOUS about racing but at the same time look to have fun doing it. We
have a plan in action  and are using it to pursue sponsorship. Big plans and
changes for 2013 are in store.  If you are interested in being a part of a serious racing
effort and have fun doing it then let's talk.